Employee Spotlight—Wes Hendley

One of the many things that drew new National Account Manager Wes Hendley to General Films was a shared value on integrity.  Neither General Films nor Wes will put their names on something they don’t truly believe in and stand beside the quality for their customers.

Throughout his 25-year career, Wes has always worked around the food industry and always in the Southeast region of the country. Expanding General Films’ business in those areas are just a few the things that excite Wes about what he can bring to the business.

He also hopes to bring a little of his personal philosophy and style to the job.

“I try to un-commoditize what has always been thought of as a commodity,” said Wes. “By educating people about the value, they begin to realize the initial price is secondary. The primary focus should be the value.”

Being a proactive problem-solver for General Films’ customers is how Wes will be successful and help them get the most value out of their film. 

“You have to marry the film to the machine,” said Wes. “You can have a high-quality machine and high-quality film, but they have to be able to work together. Having both machine and films experience brought me here because I know the relationship these components have together will equal success for our customers.”

The technological capabilities General Films’ flexible packaging offers industries around the country is where Wes sees his opportunity. It opens the door for customers to see the distinction between initial price and overall value, as well as help customers solve their packaging needs.

When he isn’t busy with work, Wes is usually with one of his two loves: family and the University of Richmond. Wes recruits academically for the university, attending college fairs and talking with high school juniors and seniors about the University of Richmond. Wes also loves his family and enjoys spending time with his wife Karla and is incredibly proud of both his children. His son Rob is a Petty Officer in the Coast Guard and his daughter Katherine is a college senior planning to attend law school.